Sulkendrup Water Mill

”Sulkendrup Mølle” was the last working water mill in Denmark.

The mill building has recently been totally renovated and can be hired for hosting private parties and events, as well as being the perfect location for companies and organisations, which prefer to host a meeting, conference or a workshop in peaceful, historical and picturesque surroundings.

Sulkendrup Mølle is also available for hosting various cultural events.

At the surrounding meadowland, it is possible to spend the night at our camping site adjacent to Sulkendrup Mølle and to the forrest, where you can also rent accommodation for your motor home or caravan.

Summer cafe and interesting social and cultural events

Come and visit our summer cafe, which is open every Sunday from late May until mid-August.

We offer a selection of home-baked cakes, ice-cream, coffee/tea, sodas, beer from local breweries and other local delicacies. We prefer using organic and local products and we primarily use seasonal fruit and vegetables.

During spring and summer you can enjoy the view over the mill lake from our picnic area next to the mill lake and in bad weather you can enjoy the view from the newly renovated mill building.


We often offer a variety of social, cultural and other forms of entertainment during our summer cafes. It could be music, walks in the nearby forest, flea market, film showing from when the water mill was active and children’s activities such as fishing, climbing and other activities.

Opening hours: 12 pm to 5 pm every Sunday

About Sulkendrup Mølle

Sulkendrup Mølle is situated just an 8 minute drive from Nyborg - 20 minutes from Odense – and only 5 minutes from the E20 motorway. Culture and picturesque nature surround the water mill. In the nearby forest close to the mill lake you will find 5 burial mounds of which the largest is a passage grave from the early stone age Across from the mill building, you find the mill lake where you may spot a kingfisher, marsh harriers, the osprey or even be fortunate enough to see sea trout jump in the fish ladder.


The passage grave at Sulkendrup Mølle is approx. 5.200 years old.

Already in the year 1425, Sulkendrup Mølle is mentioned in historical books.



The nature surrounding Sulkendrup Mølle offers a village atmosphere as well as a picturesque setting with the forest, mill lake, meadow, river and a fish ladder.



See more beautiful pictures from Sulkendrup Mølle.


Sulkendrup Mølle

A different setting for your party, meeting, workshop, courses set in cultural and picturesque surroundings.


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