Book rooms for events or sites for overnight stays

You are welcome to book rooms in the mill building for events or reserve space for an overnight stay.

Type of room/s required for your event (Please provide details under "Further information")
Presentation/tour (Please provide details under "Further information")
Space for motor home
Space for caravan
Tent space

Venue Hire

Hiring of all the mill facilities from 7 am to 3 am: 2,800 DKK                 

Hourly rate (min. 3 hours): 450 DKK                                                         

Hiring af all the mill facilities excluding the Mill Loft from 7 am to 3 am: 2,300 DKK.

Hourly rate (min. 3 hours):                                                               375 DKK.

All prices are valid for 2019.


Party packages:

Package 1 (5-hour event)

Price: 535 DKK per person

Package 2 (7-hour event)

Price: 655 DKK per person

Hiring of the mill building is at an additional cost

For further information please go to Facilities

Meeting package:

Price: 448 DKK per person (the price is for meeting arrangements running from 9 am to 3 pm and for minimum 12 participants)

Hiring of the mill building is at an additional cost

For further information please go to Meetings and Workshops

Prices for overnight stay

90 DKK per night per motor home/caravan

30 DKK per night per person staying in a tent

Electricity: 25 DKK per night

Shower: 15 DKK per shower

Water fill-up for motor homes/caravans: 25 DKK

Firewood: 15 DKK per camp fire


Q.     Is it possible to lay and decorate tables the day before an event?

Provided that the room/s for your event are not rented out the day before your event, you are welcome to lay tables the day before.

Q.     How much cleaning needs to be done after your event?

After your party, ordinary tidying up and floors to be swept. Kitchen crockery and cutlery to be washed, and put back in the appropriate places. You tidy up and we do the cleaning!

Q.     Can you provide practical help and assistance at our party or course?

Talk to us about your requirements! We help and happily refer you to well-qualified chefs and other personnel you might need.

Q.     What are the opening times at Sulkendrup Mølle?

We are open all year round - both for renting out rooms for parties and courses, as well as spaces for motor homes, caravans and hikers.

Sulkendrup Mølle

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